Template upgrade

template upgrade

Latest version of the previously purchased template/mod

We offer free upgrades to the current version of template or mod for 4 months from date of purchase. If you want to upgrade to the current version after 4 months, the upgrade cost is $40 USD.
This price include 4 months of free upgrades. Upgrade date will be extended from the date of new purchase.

As long as your upgrade date not yet expired, you can download the latest version of purchased products for FREE! Contact us and we will re-send you the download key(please include your order number).

Purchase an extended "free upgrades" time of 4 month:

Your 7dana.com Username or Order number or Domain:

Once you have made a payment, please forward your email receipt to support (at) 7dana.com, and let us know which template you previously purchased(your order id or customer name). We will manually process your order and send you new version of your template via email.

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