SMS Notification Module

SMS Notification Module
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SMS Notification Module

New version for X-cart 4.6!

SMS Notification Module is an X-cart implementation of the Clickatell SMS gateway, the largest Online SMS Gateway covering 819 networks in 221 countries and territories.
SMS Notification Module allow real-time SMS notifications of new orders to be sent to the store owner. Module will also allow real-time SMS notifications of new order status to be sent to the store customers.


  • SMS notification to the administrator when a new order happens.
  • SMS notification to the multiple administrator(to multiple mobile numbers) when a new order happens.
  • SMS notification to the customer when order status is changes.
  • Administartor can configure which order status will send notification to customer.
  • Administartor can edit the text of SMS notification and include dynamic data using Replacement Tags.
  • Status of your Clickatell balance.
  • Rich "activity log" for all sms notifications sent.
  • Compatible with X-cart 4.2 and 4.3.


  • You'll need to have an account with Clickatell to be able to use this plugin. You can sign up for one on their site, click on this link and select Clickatell Central(API) product.
  • When signing up to Clickatell Central - select the API product(HTTP) from the list of available products. Once signed up - you can create a new ApiID that you can use with this plugin.
  • On the clickatell admin panel -> Manage My Products -> Add Connection -> HTTP & then fill in the required details. Keep things simple to start with - don't lock down the IP address requests come from and don't enable callbacks.

Register your Clickatell account(trial available):
Click here to go to Clickatell

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